Blame Game

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A new PPP poll shows a plurality of Gret Stet GOOPers “aren’t sure” if Obama deserves more blame than THEN PRESIDENT Bush for the screwed-the-pooch federal response to Katrina and the flood…but another 29 percent think the Kenyan Usurper does, while Shrub clocks in at…28 percent.

And I’ve got it on good authority that 33 percent blame Obama for having gotten up on the wrong side of the bed, 37 percent blame him for the heartbreak of psoriasis, 41 percent for post nasal drop, 24 percent for banning saccharin from diet soda, 18 percent for Watergate, 16 percent for having to stop taking Viagra immediately due to a sudden drop in blood pressure…and 54 percent of Repug men personally blame Obama for the fact that they’ve never actually gone out on a date with a woman.

OK, maybe I made some of that up. But not the part about never having gone out on a date. Scout’s honor.

Obama Derangement Syndrome…talk to your doctor about it.

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