I Have a Nightmare

From Album 5

So, while we remember anniversaries of good or awful events, residents of Baghdad contend with more freedom bombs…I guess because, as a not-very-wise-man at all once said, freedom is untidy, don’t you know?

Lethal, too.

Geez, I’m so old I remember when Iraq was supposed to be the neo-con model. They were really going to show us libruls how to craft a free market paradise. But I doubt you’ll find a single neo-con who’ll even mention Iraq without someone else bringing it up first.

Heckuva job.

One thought on “I Have a Nightmare

  1. And I admit my head is in the clouds, but can I possibly have at least a teeny bit of hope that we’ve learned anything from Iraq to alter our actions with other countries in the region? (Iran, Syria, Egypt, …)
    At least Obama seems to be taking the time to make sure of the facts and build an international case.
    But have we learned that a lot of Iraq and Iran (and the radicalized groups) trace back to overt heavy-handed interference with the region by Britain and USA as well as covert actions (such as setting up Saddam Hussein in power and providing him with military training and support – remember the Kurds were gassed with materials we provided).

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