America Held Hostage Day 9


The hostage takers can no longer explain *why* they’re doing what they’re doing or what they want. First it was to abolish or defund Obamacare. Then, it was about the budget and now Speaker Boner wants to jaw without surrendering. Make up your mind, man.

There’s a growing group of Gopers who could be called the default denial caucus. A default will be no big whoop to at least 9 congressional Republicans and counting. They could also be dubbed the whistling past the graveyard or don’t worry, be happy caucus. I bitterly resent being made to think of Bobby Fucking McFerrin because of these bozos.

That demented dingbat Michelle Bachmann has yet again invoked the end times, armageddon, and all that shit. Few things have caused more grief or mischief than fools who believe in armageddon. I, for one, would not be unhappy if Bachmann Wingnut Overdrive, Pat Robertson and the whole kit and caboodle were transported somewhere. Anywhere. Hmm, I wonder if newly elected right wing Aussie PM Tony Abbott would give them sanctuary since “transportation”was the basis of his country. Probably not. He’s too busy fighting with Malaysia over boat people to want to receive an exodus of our nuts. One can dream though:

In the immortal words of Bob Marley, “Set the captives free. Set the captives free.”

3 thoughts on “America Held Hostage Day 9

  1. So the default caucus is back to Reagan that deficits don’t matter? (awful convenient way to justify racking up more debt. They would be a lot more logical if they argued that the debt per unit GDP is lower – as you make more you can borrow more.
    And Bachmann – must be a smart person as she’s on all the intelligence committees, right?
    I grew up in churches which repeatedly emphasized the events of the end-times from Hal Lindsay. I can still cite the end-time troop movements better than most of the current, end-time-wanna-bes.
    According to the infallible and never changing Bible, the end-time is within a generation of Israel returning (already passed). It is Russia invading the area. (as if Russia were still the superpower). And it says nothing about a Kenyan Marxist Stalinist Maoist who was born from outside of the USA on the land of Hawaii.

  2. Maybe I’m being too paranoid, but you can make loads of money if you know that the market is going to fall. If congress has given certain businesses information on how long they plan to pull the country into the toilet, then the businesses can trade in futures.

  3. Amen Adrastos. Unfortunately, the logical conclusion of the Tea Bag Birthers arguments lead there. But rather than solving the problem, it would be an event to further fan the flames, destroy the country (by destroying the nation), etc.

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