Definitely Not The Most Interesting Man In The World

From Album 5

He once spoke for 21 hours, just to hear himself talk.

Optional musical accompaniment.

So, we’ve now been treated to a piece of Ted’s mind, and,, to paraphrase (allegedly) Dan Quayle of all people, what a terrible thing to have…or not to have at all. How true.

Anyway, while Old Teahaddist Ted might not be the most interesting man in the world, he sure is one of the biggest snobs I’ve ever heard of. Even Texas should be embarrassed.

3 thoughts on “Definitely Not The Most Interesting Man In The World

  1. A comment from Pierce’s place at esquire I just had to share (not credited, but not mine either)
    I would not listen to Ted Cruz,
    I would not watch him on Fox News,
    I would not, could not, hear him speak,
    The words that spew from him just reek,
    I do not like Senator Cruz,
    I do not like him, nor his views.

  2. Cruz would have read that long monologue from Atlas Shrugged, but he ran out of time.

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