The Conventional Wisdom Be Damned

The hard right wing of the Republican Party has gotten the guvmint shutdown of its dreams. Astonishingly, they have done so in a way that the blame falls squarely on them. It’s, of course, a by product of their only speaking to people who agree with them. The teanuts are all cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs about this so they’ve jumped off the cliff.

While I’m unhappy that federal workers will be furloughed, I’m glad that House Gopers are committingseppukusince it means that history *could* be made in the 2014 election cycle. That’s where the post title comes in. We’ve heard over and over and over again that the House cannot change hands again because of pro-GOP Gerrymandering. (Btw, the dispensers of the CW invariably mispronounce that term, it’s pronounced with a hard G and not a J.) Gerrymandering has always been with us but the Dems now control 201 seats and are targeting 50-52 marginal seats in 2014. That means that winning 17 seats will boot Boner or his probable successor Eric Cantor Dance out of the Speaker’s chair. Difficult? Yes. Impossible? Absolutely not.

History *does* tell us that the party holding the White House usually loses seats in a 6th year election but impeachment mania turned that on its head in 1998, so, once again, it’s difficult but quite possible. It will, however, require the folks who turn out in Presidential years to vote in an off-year election. I frequently despair at how many liberals and progressive do not bother to vote in off year elections. Hopefully, the turn-out mechanisms unleashed by the Obamaites will be put to work in 2014. They certainly should be.

I’d like to thank House Republicans for giving Democrats a chance to re-take the House in 2014. Those big, tough conservatives would rather crash the economy than stand up to the teabagger/nihilist wing of their party. They’ve gotten what they wanted but why they ever thought the President would give up his signature accomplishment, is a mystery to me. I’m not sure if it should be called wishful, delusional, deminted, faith based, or pixilated thinking but whatever you call it, it’s C-R-A-Z-Y.

2 thoughts on “The Conventional Wisdom Be Damned

  1. Adrastos, here in rural MO, the commenters on the TV news web page are out in force blaming Obama (usually with perjorative mis-spellings). After all, the House has made multiple offers which the Senate refused. And Reid / Pelosi didn’t call the Senate in for a special session on Sunday.
    I agree with you. But as Tommy demonstrates weekly, you just can’t argue with the logic of Freepers.

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