America Held Hostage Day 10


The radicals who have taken our guvmint hostage really brought the stupid yesterday. The not so Okey Dokey Senator from Oklahoma, Tom Coburn, is describing default as a “managed catastrophe.”And this is a guy that the MSM insists on calling a rational conservative. Ain’t nothing rational or conservative about this shit. A catastrophe is a catastrophe is a catastrophe; even Della and Claire know that. People need to stop calling these fuckers conservatives. They’re extremists. Conservatives don’t crash the world economy by threatening to hold their breath until their faces turn blue if they don’t get their way.

Koch Industries is denying any role in the shutdown. Looks like the brothers are looking for deniability if the world economy crashes and their fellow tycoons get testy with them. If you believe the Koch’s hands are clean, there’s a bridge named after Huey P. Long that I’d like to sell you. It was just renovated and is no longer a death trap, y’all.

I have a reading assignment for everyone. There’s are great pieces at Salon by Michael Lindand Stephan Richter about the teahadist’s neo-Confederate tendencies. I’ve been saying that here for quite some time but their soap box is bigger than mine. I have to share with Jude and he keeps knocking me off…

Finally, the constitution truckers are coming:

A group billing itself as the “Independent Truckers of America” has
vowed to flood the nation’s roadways this weekend with a “Ride For The
Constitution” in order to “save our nation” from “domestic enemies such
as Barack Obama, John Kerry, Lindsay Graham and John McCain.”

According to the Ride For The Constitution website,
this “Truckers Shutdown” will feature “potentially hundreds of
thousands of truckers and millions of citizens” converging Friday
through Sunday on the nation’s capital. There will also be affiliated
rallies at rest areas and displays on highway overpasses. The faces of
this event are a right wing radio host, outspoken gun activist and
“libtard” hater Mark Kessler, as well as a former trucker who believes
President Barack Obama is “a radical Islamist.”

It’s fascinating that a right wing nativist group is using tactics previously employed by <horrors> furriners. That’s right, folks, stunts like this have been pulled in Britain and, more alarmingly for the wingnuts, France. So, Mr and Mrs Tea Party, you’re acting like a bunch of fucking frogs. Pour some of that over your freedom fries, bitches. I hope you choke on them.

I’ll give Gram Parsons, Roger McGuinn, and the Byrds the last word:

4 thoughts on “America Held Hostage Day 10

  1. Koch brothers deny any role in the shutdown????????? In tomorrow’s headline, Water is NOT wet.
    And the more I think about the truckers, wouldn’t that be a terrorist threat – much more credible and serious a threat than the sayings of many others arrested on terrorism charges. And I still say there’s gotta be a few laws against conspiracy to kidnap Congress folk.
    And it didn’t hit me about taking the larger view of poorly planned protests. From the Koch Bros tour of DC to Beck’s tears across the capital, to the rumored plans for folks to meet on the mall carrying firearms (with DC having laws against packing heat to the issue of bringing firearms onto DC landmarks likely to be part of the National Parks which only recently have allowed carrying weapons on their land. And you can’t fly to get to that protest because of carrying firearms on planes).
    I really fear a deliberate pattern of keeping people running in circles over the stupid so that they can’t identify the real problems.

  2. Actually, it’s “Koch Industries” that’s denying any participation in the planning of the shutdown that began right after the inauguration. In other words, the Brothers Koch are trying to be too clever by half. Unfortunately, the sunbeams on the right are all too happy to swallow that line.
    Now, for TruckerStock – who’s supplying the meth and hookers?
    Because an inquiring mind wants to know.

  3. Just as an FYI, the British and French truckers have blocked roadways in protests over issues that cause them REAL problems, such as higher tolls and higher gas prices, etc. So, while these pinheads might be borrowing a page from the furriners, they aren’t reading the whole book.
    Plus, the French and British truckers’ protests worked.

  4. “Managed Catastrophe” might not be such a bad term – I’m thinking of the documents that have leaked showing that certain groups got together and planned defunding the govt to get rid of Obamacare several months ago.
    And curious question, how far would the truckers have to go in stalling traffic before they put their certificates to drive interstate commerce in peril?

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