Pet Peeves: Mandela Memorial Service Edition

I love my DVR. Actually, it’s the cable company’s DVR but I love it anyhoo. I recorded NBC’s coverage of the Mandela memorial service and grazed on the highlights this morning. Two things happened that made me grind my teeth and cuss under my breath, I may have even used a 13 letter word, Doc.

The first thing that vexed me was Brian Williams’ proclamation that “4 American Presidents are here.” It’s standard anchorspeak but we only have one President at a time. The proper formulation is President Obama and FORMER Presidents Carter, Clinton and Bush. Calling an ex-Oval One Mister President is a fairly recent development. Harry Truman preferred being called Senator or Judge Truman but now they’re all President So and So. It’s former President So and So, but this is a lost cause, much like trying to tell some people that Bobby Jindal is not a Brainiac despite all the evidence that supports my position. Having an Ivy League education doesn’t mean you learned anything. His science classes certainly had a limited impact on what passes for PBJ’s thinking.

Pet peeve number two is what happened on MSNBC when it was Morning Joe’s time slot. They cut away from the Mandela coverage to show Scarborough and the usual suspects only returning to show Obama. I do not wanna see Tom Friedman, y’all. Whenever I see him I want to grab a straight razor and shave the “mustache of knowledge” off his smug mug. I must say Brian Williams and krewe did a pretty good job covering the memorial but then Joe, Mika and the eternally dim Chuck Todd took over. It was time to erase the recording. Splat.

Finally, I’m dreading the onslaught of ersatz outrage that will result from Obama’s shaking Raul Castro’s hand. Don’t wingnuts have anything better to do with their time? Probably not.

That is all.

5 thoughts on “Pet Peeves: Mandela Memorial Service Edition

  1. My only surprise at the not-surprising-at-all-in-its-abject-childishness wingnut reaction to the handshake is that, as far as I know, no one’s used it as an excuse to call for the repeal of Obamacare.

  2. Actually, I want to cut off one-half of Friedman’s moustache, ala Prof. Fate…

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