The Return of the Ratfucker

Our old buddy and favorite fake pimp, James O’Keefe, is back in the news. Congressional Republicans are using one of his little playlets to smear folks who are helping to sign up people to the ACA:

Then last week, Cornyn called on the Obama administration to shutter the navigator program altogether, citing Sebelius’s testimony and a video by the conservative activist group known as Project Veritas, which is overseen by James O’Keefe, which purportedly shows a navigator encouraging one of their clients to lie on their insurance application.

O’Keefe, you might remember, was responsible for the deceptively edited video that led to the resignation of an Agriculture Department employee (and litigation against Andrew Breitbart, who published it) and other notorious gotcha videos.

“It is simply astounding that the administration is urging the American people to give their Social Security numbers and sensitive personal information to people who have not been properly vetted,” Cornyn said on the Senate floor. “We need to also dismantle the navigators program before it unleashes a wave of fraud and corruption.”

In the wake of everything that we know about O’Keefe’s ratfucking activities, it should be astonishing that Senator Cornhole is relying on a video made by the ironically named Project Veritas. Nobody ever said that Ratfucker James didn’t have a sense of humor. But in 2013, Republican politicians have no compunction about using a notorious fraudster’s video to prove, uh, fraud.

Here’s the video from a man who puts the punk into compunction:

5 thoughts on “The Return of the Ratfucker

  1. Of course Cornyn will use O’Keefe’s video. I”m surprised he didn’t specifically say ACORN. And they’ll keep this crap up pretty much forever, because, one, it’s official wingnut mythology ( aside: probably as good a week as any to cite this JFK quote about lies versus myths ) , and two, the corporate media lets O’Keefe slither along.
    If they wanted to, of course they could crush him like the little bug he is…but I guess he must be useful in some way…maybe by setting the bar so low they look good in comparison.

  2. James O’Keefe is one of the very rare people who can dress up like a pimp and will actually be pretending to be someone higher class than he really is.

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