Compassionate Conservatives

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Justice delayed is, um, well, OK I guess, if it gets in the way of important stuff like campaign fundraisers:

Marshall Lee Gore, 50, was scheduled to die on Monday for the rape and murder of 30-year-old Robyn Novick and for the murder of 19-year-old Susan Roark.

But Scott advised Florida State Prison Warden John Palmer last month that he had moved the execution to Oct 1. When he was asked about the move on Monday, the governor said that he was complying with a “request of the attorney general.”

The Tampa Bay Timesreported on Monday that Bondi’s “hometown campaign kickoff” had also been scheduled for Oct. 1 so her office asked that the execution be postponed. Sunshine State News confirmed with a Bondi spokesperson that the campaign event had been scheduled for the same night as the fundraiser.

Maybe they can send him some him a canape or something from the catering — you know, sort of of no-hard-feelings gesture.

Ah, the quality of wingnut mercy.

2 thoughts on “Compassionate Conservatives

  1. Nothing cruel or unusual about that. So what if they guy has spent months preparing himself for this one day? What’s the biggie about moving it at the last minute, I’m sure he is just grateful to have the extra time to pray etc
    One can only hope that the worst things that have ever happened to Scott and Bondi are extended for no good reason, not that it would make them realize how awful they are, but at least they would get some extra suffering.

  2. OK. I realize that Texas has invaded Florida to the point of a recent Gov Bush.
    But is Florida actively modeling themselves after Texas?

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