Oh, Chuckles

Krauthammer once again makes it all about Putin’s penis:

Conservative commentator Charles Krauthammer slammed President Obama’s statement on the apparent Russian invasion of Crimea, saying he “could not have issued a more flaccid statement.”

YEAH. He should have whipped it out and demanded Putin suck it. That’s what W would have done!

“The Ukrainians — and I think everybody — are shocked by the weakness of Obama’s statements,” Krauthammer began. “I find it rather staggering . . . What he’s saying is we’re not going to really do anything, and we’re telling the world.”

I’m not sure what Chuck thinks we should do. Threaten to nuke Moscow? Have a proxy war in the Ukraine? Lay siege to Leningrad? For fuck’s sake, the world is not a war movie. Heaven forbid Obama hold off ten seconds before sending in the 82nd Airborne.

Even the commenters at the Daily Caller, who the Freepi think are racist morons, are calling Charles on his bullshit:

Krauthammer went on to say… “bomb the Crimea. This is all because of Benghazi and completely distracts from the IRS non-scandal.”