The Walking Dead, Raleigh NC Edition

From Album 5

OK, maybe not dead, thank heavens, but once again a large southern city saw cars abandoned on the highway since there weren’t going anywhere anyway. To be fair, there will always be worst-case scenarios, and this might have been one, but a mindset that government is always bad and must forever be cut to the bone can easily turn a difficult but manageable situation into a worst case scenario. And I wonder if that’s what happened…along with a mulish refusal over the long term to consider alternatives to private cars.

Well, guess it’s a little late in the game at this point, so here’s hoping things return to normal as soon as possible for the people there.

Finally, in honor of Beatles week, here’s a cover shot of Sgt. Pepper, with one addition, if you can spot it.


From Album 5

3 thoughts on “The Walking Dead, Raleigh NC Edition

  1. The added pussycat at the lower left, just above the “E” in the floral “Beatles”. (Yeah I’m old w/too much time on my hands…)

  2. You got it…that’s who I share the house with.
    Or, presumably in his mind, I’m who he shares his house with…the weird looking large cat who doles out the food and provides toys and/or arms/hands to attack. Oh, and a lap for sleeping on.

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