Headline Of The Day: Trolling Plutocrat Edition

It comes from a post by Jonathan Chait at ny,mag.com:

Voting Also Reminds Tom Perkins of Kristallnacht

I considered stealing it, but I believe in giving credit where credit is due.

I gotta wonder if Tom Perkins is just trolling us for attention. He’s a wildly rich guy that nobody had ever heard of until he started saying stupid shit. But this whole give rich people more votes thing brings more crazy than Gohmert, Bachmann, and Stockman combined

Speaking of Steve Stockman, he’s engaged in a malaka of the week emeritus smackdown with Texas Senator John Cornhole, did anyone else see this bizarre tweet?

I still have my 47th cold of the winter, so I’m not sure if I can grind out a full tilt malaka of the week post today. It’s not, however, for lack of targets. There’s a whole lotta malakatude out there as well as a Whole Lotta Love:

2 thoughts on “Headline Of The Day: Trolling Plutocrat Edition

  1. Perkins is living proof that the elite really aren’t any better than the rest of us. He’ll fade away, unless he decides to go Sheldon Adelson or Foster Friess on us, and I wonder if he’s actually got enough money to do that.
    But let him talk. Hell, I don’t even begrude him all his money, though his Wikipedia biography makes it even more clear that Perkins owes his success to…mostly being in the right place at the right time. The fact that he’s so blind to that is what I find frustrating.

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