Scalia in My City

We’ll need to get the whole place fumigated:

“Let me make clear that I am not saying that every good American must believe in God,” Scalia said in a speech at the Union League Club. “What I am saying, however, is that it is contrary to our founding principles to insist that government be hostile to religion. Or even to insist, as my court, alas, has done, that government cannot favor religion over nonreligion.

“It is not a matter of believing that God exists, though personally I believe that,” Scalia said. “It is a matter of believing, as our founders did, that belief in God is very conducive to a successful republic.”

Someone needs to explain to this asshole that “not humping the leg of every Jesus freak who wanders by” is not the same as being “hostile to religion.”


3 thoughts on “Scalia in My City

  1. Scalia lets his tortured interpretation of the constitution get in the way again. Acknowledging religion doesn’t require respecting it.

  2. I say the same thing everytime Short-Time or his darker brother comes to Des Moines and lets the Drake Law kidz know that Fascism is good thing.

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