NOLA Notes: Everyone’s an art critic

Light blogging from me this week. Hey, stop cheering. Here’s a story that’s funny only because nobody got hurt, but they didn’t so it is:

A man was arrested Sunday after firing shots into artwork being sold on Jackson Square, according to New Orleans police. No one was injured by the bullets.

Eric Wilson, 41, of Hiram, Ga., was arrested in the French Quarter after firing five shots into paintings that were being sold on the Decatur Street side of Jackson Square. NOPD said he has been charged with five counts of aggravated criminal damage, illegal discharge of a firearm and illegal carrying of a firearm.

According to officer Garry Flot, Wilson shot the paintings with a Taurus revolver around 5 p.m., then walked on Decatur Street.

Artist Alan Minor told our news partners at FOX 8 that Wilson had been sitting next to him for about an hour when he suddenly got up and started firing.

“When he got in front of my artwork, he took five shots at it,” Minor told FOX 8. “It was a complete random act. I wasn’t expecting it at all.”

The bullets shattered some of Minor’s paintings, which are done on plank boards. Minor says after the shooting, the man calmly walked down the street. Minor says he didn’t see any police officers around.

“There was a gentleman that was on a bicycle that followed him but he didn’t know he was being followed and I guess as he got further down Decatur, he signaled the cops that this was the person that was firing the gun,” Minor told FOX 8.

Wilson was arrested in the 700 block of Barracks Street without incident. Police said officers found the handgun when they searched Wilson, along with five spent shell casings.

Police said Wilson’s motive is unclear.

My former business was located at Jackson Square. I could tell tales that could curl your hair. In fact, I have already done so in a post entitled Mrs. Fagin and the Urchins. I have, however, never, ever shot a painting. Seems a bit extreme to me.

One thought on “NOLA Notes: Everyone’s an art critic

  1. Adrastos,
    the summer before the Federal Flood I was privileged to visit New Orleans.
    There was a shop — narrow, deep, two-stories high along the street — filled with breathtaking artwork.
    Mostly about cats; masques, paintings, watercolors, oils, all gorgeous.
    Did it survive, d’you know? I can’t remember the name!

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