Today on Tommy T’s Obsession with the Freeperati – When Freepers Atttack! edition

Well, it’s a month and a half into the latest Freepathon, and they’re only at 56%. If some of you readers don’t go over there and contribute, I’m going to be out of a gig come March.

Perhaps in an attempt to gin up some enthusiasm, Jim Rob has decided to join forces with the local teabaggers and give the President a piece of his alleged mind by showing up in his tax-dollar-purchased Hoveround to protest Obummer’s appearance at Fresno this past Friday.

Happy Valentine’s! Jim’s FReepin Obama in Fresno! Updates Here Afterward (FReepathon Thread XXVII)
Free Republic | February 14, 2014 | onyx

Posted on Friday, February 14, 2014 1:59:15 PM by onyx

The Freepathon is sputtering along:

To: onyx

Now that is funny…Am I the only one still here tonight?

OK now $7 plus the pocket change…will go and donate the $15 now and save 60 cents toward the next time.

201 posted on 02/14/2014 7:21:56 PM PST by 3D-JOY
To: 3D-JOY

You’re such a delight! It’s possible, but not likely that we’re the only two here right now. I was away for a minute or two. (Quick run to the kitchen for another Diet Coke) … ate some FF tonight, with too much salt.

204 posted on 02/14/2014 7:28:51 PM PST by onyx (Please Support Free Republic – Donate Monthly! If you want on Sarah Palin’s Ping List, Let Me know!)
Then – from out of the blue…
To: 3D-JOY; BenLurkin; onyx; JustAmy; Enterprise; Mama_Bear; jkphoto; notpoliticallycorewrecked; …
We were a little late getting to the airport and drove around a bit looking for the TEA party group. Couldn’t find them.
They were a no-show, Jim Rob. They got to arguing over who was going to pay for the gas to get down there, the van owner accused the reluctant non-donators of being takers instead of makers, and it just kind of went downhill from there…
Saw a group of peaceniks protesting Obama and was tempted to join them, but drove on. Saw four or five groups of civilians standing around waiting to pay homage to their king, but no obvious protesters other than Peace Fresno.
Sucks to be you, doesn’t it? At least you didn’t get any hippie on you.
Finally spotted a group of adoring Obama fans with an empty spot nearby, not a parking space, but a space just large enough for our van, so asked Chris to pull over and leave the ramp down as if we were loading/unloading.
The CIA has nothing on these guys…

I asked Chris to write “Obama Lied!” on a signboard and bring it to me after I rolled over to the group. Chris brought me my sign and I sat with my back to the group for a little while.

Practicing your mad ninja skills, are ya now?

No one noticed me at first.

That’s because you’re sitting with your back to them. Turn around.

I noticed one guy had “USMC” on the back of his hat, so I said, “Semper Fi! He turned and shook my hand, then saw my sign and instantly turned back to the crowd.

That’s because – just for a second – he was ashamed to be a soldier and standing next to you.

I then shouted out, “Obama lied and people died!!” Now, that started a commotion. Soon had quite a dialog going started screaming incoherently at them.


Told them Obama lied about everything. Said he lied about Benghazi. Lied about the IRS. Lied about health care. Lied about if you like your policy you can keep it. Lied about if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor. Lied about ending the wars and bringing all the troops home. Asked them how they liked being lied to. They said everyone lies.

Of course, they were lying to you about that.

Told them they were suckers, Obama is a communist. They said, so? What’s wrong with that?

Did any of them bring up how you suck off the Government teat and still beg for money?

I noticed they had several children there and asked them how they’re going to like paying all the debt Obama’s running up. They were horrified.

But enough about my colostomy bag.

I don’t think they’ve ever been exposed to anyone questioning authority.

Or crazy people ranting and raving in public places. It was one of those two…

Poor children have never been exposed to the constitution, the founding principles, Truth, patriotism, etc. They’ve been force fed the Marxist lie since birth.


At one point, one big guy told me he’d like to shove my words down my throat. Now ain’t that special. I pointed out that that is the Marxist way.

No, dumbfuck, the Marxist way is to provide for your crippled and demented ass with the help of productive members of socirty. The Leninist way (which I think you were trying to say) would be to drag you off and have your sorry ass shot.

Someone says something they don’t like and they immediately jump to violence.

And by “violence” he means “metaphors”. Damned good thing he didn’t tell you to go fuck yourself, Jim Rob, or you’d be screaming “RAPE!”.

I told them they were suckers for free foodstamps, free Obama phones, free healthcare. One big black guy said something to the effect that Obama was doing all this for our own good and at least now I can get free health care. Told him I work full-time, pay my own way grift stupid people for a living

FIFY. Again.

and don’t need or want his “free” healthcare. Then told him, but at least you can now marry your boyfriend. He told me that was none of my business.

You shore have a purty mouth.

Now we finally have a point we can agree on. None of this is any of the federal government’s business.

Hope to post a couple of pictures later.

216 posted on 02/14/2014 8:19:10 PM PST by Jim Robinson (Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God!!)