Alms For The Not-So-Poor

From Album 5

David Cay Johnson points to this database compiled by Good Jobs First, which tracks how tax dollars funnel not to the poor, who barely scrape by (particularly if they don’t have children), but the rich, who benefit hugely from subsidies, tax expenditures, etc…to such an extent I couldn’t find a single local project that didn’t obtain some sort of subsidy.

To be fair, I don’t necessarily think taxpayer subsidies are a bad idea — but if we’re going to spend public dollars on things that benefit society, then maybe we should look at…things that benefit society…like, oh, I don’t know, restoring the savage cuts made to things like higher education, anti-poverty programs, food and utility assistance, and so on. Because the government is, at least in theory, for everyone, i.e., self-government. We the People…not We, the Plutocrats.

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