Malaka Of The Week: Lenar Whitney

I must admit to not having paid too much attention to the race for Dr. Empty Suit's open Congressional seat. (That's Bill Cassidy, maybe I should call him Dr. Empty Scrubs.) The most noteworthy things about the race are that Edwin Edwards is mounting a comeback and that there are several Jindalistas in the race. (His candidates usually lose.) This week State Rep. Lenar Whitney, a dance teachin' wingnut from Houma, got oodles of national publicity. All of it bad and that is why she is malaka of the week. Btw, it seems to be a bad week for folks whose surnames begin with W. Hmm, I wonder what Mr. Woodger thinks of Witless Whitney, and I wonder if she, too, thinks using the word homophone advances the gay agenda? 

Lenar Whitney is extreme even by Gret Stet standards. She's a climate change denier in a state that has been dealing with coastal erosion for many years. Here's a video she made stating her views, which apparently she doesn't understand and cannot explain:


David Wasserman of the Cook Report memorably called her "the most frightening candidate I've met in seven years interviewing Congressional candidates" this week. The self-styled Palin of the South fled her interview with him. Here's how he summed up the Lenar effect:

But never have I met any candidate quite as frightening or fact-averse as Louisiana state Rep. Lenar Whitney, 55, who visited my office last Wednesday. It’s tough to decide which party’s worst nightmare she would be.

Whitney, a graduate of Nicholls State University who is running for Louisiana’s open 6th District, owned a dance studio in Houma, La., for 34 years and also worked in sales for small telecommunications and oilfield equipment companies. She clearly relishes poking Democrats in the eye, cites Minnesota’s Rep. Michele Bachmann (R) as a political role model, and takes kindly to the nickname “Palin of the South.”

Whitney has only raised $123,000 to date (fourth in the GOP field), but she has sought to boost her profile and appeal to conservative donors with a slickly made YouTube video entitled “GLOBAL WARMING IS A HOAX” (84,000 views so far). In the video, Whitney gleefully and confidently asserts that the theory of global warming is the “greatest deception in the history of mankind” and that “any 10-year-old” can disprove it with a simple household thermometer.

Whitney’s brand of rhetoric obviously resonates with some very conservative Louisiana voters who view President Obama and the Environmental Protection Agency as big-city elitists directly attacking the state’s energy industry and their own way of life. And she would hardly be the first “climate denier” elected to Congress. But it’s not unreasonable to expect candidates to explain how they arrived at their positions, and when I pressed Whitney repeatedly for the source of her claim that the earth is getting colder, she froze and was unable to cite a single scientist, journal or news source to back up her beliefs.

Ms. Whitney made no attempt to obscure the crazy or hide the stupid in her meeting with Wasserman or in that malakatudinous video. Hell, even one of her heroine's, Michelle Bachmann, has been known to *occasionally* keep the cork on the crazy bottle. Making a semi-good impression on the Cook Report could help her raise money but she's too pure and dumb to hide her stupid light under a basket, bushel or any other solid object. She's gotta let it shine, shine, shine…  

Witless Whitney could be Edwin Edwards' dream opponent. He'd lose to any other Republican in a run-off. I wish I could report that this gift to the Cajun Prince and satirists had a chance but as of this writing she's an unlisted candidate in a poll run for GOP candidate Paul Dietzel. In plain English, she has less than 5%. Thanks to Andrew Tuozzolo for the link. My Twitter friends rule as well as rock.

The poll obviously must be taken with a grain of salt, kosher or otherwise. Dietzel is another candidate I know very little about except for the fact that he's the grandson of the legendary LSU coach who guided the Tigers to their first national championship. Even if that was way back in 1958, that still gives him name recognition up the wazoo. He's currently running second in the open primary with 12% to EWE's 27%. The only other thing I know about Dietzel the younger is that he's running as a bidnessman who wants to run guvmint as a bidness. That didn't work so well for us in New Orleans with C Ray Nagin who promised an exploding economic pie, which blew up in his face.

Back to this week's malaka tutti malaka. She's already fired back in a confused, Palinesque fashion. As we all know, getting bad publicity in the MSM or even being exposed as being as dumb as a bag of hammers is not always a bad thing, particularly in the land of warped dreams known as wingnuttia.

A Whitney-Edwards run-off is unlikely but it would be more fun than a ferret down the trousers. I can easily visualize some EWE supporter money going Whitney's way but not from the DCCC. The thought of Edwin in Congress would give Steve Israel and Nancy Smash heartburn, just as the prospect of Lenar Whitney in the House has Speaker Boner chain-smoking. As a shit stirring satirist I find either prospect deliriously exciting and that is why Lenar Whitney is malaka of the week.

I'll give the last word to Bob Mann on ye olde Twitter:


3 thoughts on “Malaka Of The Week: Lenar Whitney

  1. “being exposed as being as dumb as a bag of hammers is not always a bad thing…”
    Sadly, that probably goes double or more for the 6th District. Means she’s a fully credentialed member of the tribe.
    My neighbor has a Dan Claitor sign, and I see plenty of Paul Deitzel’s, but it’s not like I get around the district…though I guess one or the other will face off against Edwards…and win big by carrying everything but BR.
    The other big issue in the Stick(s) is the St. George effort. Sigh. Don’t get around that part of the parish much either, but a chance to vote against Edwin might motivate a lot of folks.
    Oh, speaking of the former governor, there was a decent profile of him in New York Magazine, though I preferred Lamar White’s interview

  2. “It’s tough to decide which party’s worst nightmare she would be.”
    That’s pretty damned funny.
    Ah, well, Congress has never exactly been a showcase of the best and the brightest and the sanest, has it? She’d certainly fit in with the current crop of Tea Party Know-Nothings, though.

  3. Wonder how many of those youtube views are people sympathetic to her and how many are folks saying, “Hey Fred, you’ve gotta see this. Dumbest thing I’ve seen on the Internet.”
    Not to mention, in youtube numbers, pictures of kittens wearing hats gets many times that number of views.

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