Al Sharpton: King of the Cats

The post title is inspired by Will Haygood’s wonderful biography of Harlem pastor/Congressman Adam Clayton Powell. It’s a pity that Powell isn’t around today to infuriate Bill-O and the wrecking crew at Fox News, but I digress. I seem to do that a lot. It’s part of my style such as it is.

Where the hell was I? Oh yeah, the Al Sharpton as the Donnie Brasco of the Civil Rights movement thing. You gotta love the image of Al wearing a wire while meeting with various wise guys. Hmm, I wonder if they wired up that enormous pendantthat he used to wear around his neck? The Rev is downplaying the reports but I’m interested in hearing what the “no snitching” folks think of Sharpton’s work with the Feebs. I’m fine with it since he was working against some very, very bad people in a very, very dangerous way.

This is, of course, a great Noo Yawk tabloid story and the Daily News rocked it with a front page that depicted the Rev as-what else?-the King of the Cats: