8 thoughts on “Weekend Question Thread

  1. Same for me: I started out as a late night person, aided by third-shift jobs in radio and newspaper (distribution). I have a kind of chicken-egg question in regard to my having been a late night person and my love for 24-hour diners.
    With my current job, though, I sometimes have to report for work (at a carpool site) as early as 3:15am. This translates into being up and ready for action at like 5:30am on my off days. Sometimes it still feels like being a late night person, but I do love waking to the morning magic hour.

  2. I’ve always been an early morning person. The quiet and peace in those first hours of the day are so needed. Enjoy your new discovery.

  3. A, you will never be a late night person again until Kick goes to college. You will spend the next 18 years trying to stuff a reluctant kid into clothes while talking about the great benefits of school. It’s a wonderful life! Enjoy it.

  4. Ah, Adrastos, sunrise isn’t so bad…provided it’s the last thing you see before turning in…
    Nighttime and me get along just fine…mornings…only with lots of coffee.

  5. Early morning person ever since my days delivering morning newspapers. The wee hours are great for processing photographs, reading, answering email–all the stuff that works best without interruptions. Besides, in Arizona, it’s the coolest part of the day, and for about six months of the year that counts for a lot.

  6. Now that I can finally get it…
    Used to be a night owl but gradually became a morning person. Early morning sunlight enhances colors (making for great lighting for outdoor photography) and makes it a joy to watch the world wake up.
    But still enjoy an occasional late night out, or just sitting up with a good movie.

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