Amateur Hour In OK

From Album 5

In addition to what Athenae and Adrastos said, I’m always amazed-and-not-in-a-good-way when, after a terribly botched event like what happened Tuesday, you get the inevitable justification of, “well, it’s not as bad as what happened to the victim.” No, maybe it’s not. But crowing about being not quite as bad as a convicted, heinous murderer is…a pretty low bar.

Besides, despite the fact that, yes, Clayton Lockett was clearly guilty of a horrible murder, proponents of capital punishment, far from reserving it for, as they claim, strictly the worst of the worst, instead turn it into a gruesome game of majority vote regardless of the circumstances…circumstances like possibly being wrong about the perpetrator…or whether there was even a crime.

And it’s not like a life sentence in a State prison is a picnic…well, unless your idea of a picnic is distorted beyond all reason.