Oliver North E. Neuman

From Album 5

Just about the very last person you'd look to for an opinion on the Bergdahl release — it's like asking Hannibal Lecter for dining tips — which might explain why Newsmax, Sean Hannity, and J.D. Hayworth all asked themselves and their listeners, "what does Ollie think?"

Meanwhile, the 180 degree shift in wingnut rhetoric — from Obama-abandons-one-of-our-own to Bergdahl's-the-Mother-of-all-traitors has me wondering if they intend,,,to spit on him if/when he returns to the US.

Wouldn't surprise me.

2 thoughts on “Oliver North E. Neuman

  1. You’d think from the barrage of hatred that he wasn’t turned over to the US Military. The Military isn’t actively interviewing him both on the details of his disappearance and any intel he picked up while being held. If relevant, the Military doesn’t have a legal system and said system has never heard of AWOL and has no way of trying him. And, if relevant, that military doesn’t have a punitive system.
    I can come up with false assertions againsst Bergdeahl off the top of my head in seconds. It takes time to investigate and find the truth.
    And Lied to Congress Ollie as a witness ? Really !

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