Tweets Of The Day: Self-serving Edition

I’ve been spending way too much time on the Tweeter Tube of late. I guess it’s because it’s NBA playoff time, and twitter and teevee sports go together like peas and carrots or Oscar and Della. I will, however, spare you my tweets about the Zombie Sonics-Clippers series, many of which involve lamenting the ineptitude of the coach whose team won the series. It helps to have Durant and Westbrook on your team since they’re the Baylor and West of the 21st Century according to Bill Simmons and, well, me.

The Tweeter Tube has been ablaze with talk about the hamhanded and inept way the NYT handled the firing of Jill Abramson. Her major crime was apparently being too much like a male executive according to Ken Auletta who owns this story. Here’s my quick take on this mess, which reminded me of the robust way in which the Picayune wielded the axe a few years back:

In the bridge too far scandal in Jersey, there was a major development involving Chris Christie’s former campaign manager Bill Stepien.He now says that he told Gov Fat Fuck about the bridge clusterfuck before the latter started loudly denying the story. That led to a pun involving a deceased film actor that I’m quite proud of:

Tramps like me, baby we were born to pun…