The Spirit of 76 Wingnut Special Forces

From Album 5

So, wacko festival season ends this year with what reactionaries are promising will be some sort of cross between lunatic fringe Coachella and the Minutement at Lexington and Concord…well, plus layer after layer of beer gut from years of drinking canned Busch beer by the case, maybe some Confederate battle flags mixed in with the Stars and Stripes and Gadsden Flags (possibly attached to a Hoveround paid for by Medicare)…in other words, a place for vendors to hawk Jane Fonda was a Traitor Bitch bumper stickers that ISN’T a gun show.

Speaking of, I wonder how many open carry nutcases will show…that said, unlike previous attempts at massive resistance that flopped like a dying fish on a pier, this one, to my knowledge, isn’t being flogged 24/7 by Faux News, so it might be even less like your typical NASCAR track infield on race day, and more…just sort of sad…

4 thoughts on “The Spirit of 76 Wingnut Special Forces

  1. Oh, just you libruls wait! Remember when the million truckers were going to converge on DC and bring this illegitimate government to its knees? Well, uh, this time it won’t be just a million, it’ll be 10 million! (Pssst! Say thirty!) 30 million! You’ll be laughing out the other side of your Obamaphones then, boy.

  2. Best line in the article:
    But Operation American Spring organizers say those ineffective protests helped pave the way for their own success.
    Because nothing dictates success like a track record of failure.

  3. Well considering the thinly veiled threats of violence, it would have been natural for the Feds and DC police to have some folks in plain clothes walking around. So the turnout is even less.
    This leads to my favorite part (even worse than flying the Stars and Bars to support the USA, huh????). After no one showed up, there were some releases to stay away and the reason everyone stayed away was the protest was a trap. The police were going to round up all the protestors and put them in internment camps / extraordinary rendition / etc.

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