Pay No Attention To The Screaming Child, Mr. Haitt

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Or to the grieving families, the spouses or other family members stressed to the breaking point during deployments, the “collateral damage” among people Haitt was allegedly concerned for — but who were actually just props in his steely-eyed macho man fantasy (a fantasy he conveniently holds from the safety of the sidelines)…pay no attention to the ocean of money an actual war requires, or to domestic needs that get pushed aside because of the expense…and especially pay no attention to the fact that after a decade plus of blood, lives, and money…we’re no closer to “ending” the threat, such as it is, than we ever were.

2 thoughts on “Pay No Attention To The Screaming Child, Mr. Haitt

  1. Um, just a note: it’s Hiatt.
    It’s always a good thing to properly identify the guilty.
    The interesting thing about Afghanistan and our lengthy military occupation of it is that there were only, at most, four people responsible for bin Laden’s presence there at the time of the 9/11 attacks. Of course, bin Laden himself, Mullah Omar, a Saudi minister who brokered the deal and arranged financing for bin Laden and make-an-Islamist-state-of-Afghanistan money for Omar and, possibly, Ayman al-Zawarhari.
    Of those four–after almost thirteen years of fighting–we have managed to deposit the brains of only one of those people on his living room wall. The other three are still at large, thus ensuring that the war on terror will continue well into our grandchildren’s lives, at the very minimum, so that the United States can continue pretending that it runs the world, and that the cream of empire’s crop continues to have wads of cash stuffed in their pockets.
    That’s what ol’ Fred is fighting for, after all.

  2. Dumb Question, as these are high ranking folks in the paper, will they be going to actual battlefields or will they stop in France, go to EuroDisney, and pretend they went to the war zone ?

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