From The Wolf Of Wall Street To The Whale Of Weehawken?

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Am guessing I’m not alone in regular viewing of The Rachel Maddow Show, which means regular updates on all scandals Christie…and is it just me, or does David Wildstein bear enough resemblance to Jonal Hill that the latter would make an excellent casting choice if/when the movie comes out? Maybe not quite separated at birth…but damn close.

Anyway, that got me thinking of who else might make the cut, starting with the whale himself. John Goodman? Maybe, but he’s looking a bit hangdog, more Mike Huckabee than Christie. If we include those no longer with us, James Gandolfini…or Jackie Gleason. Also thought Paul Sorvino.

For Dawn Zimmer (Hoboken Mayor) — Sandra Bullock? I’m open to suggestions, as well as a title. The Whale of Weehawken is more working title than anything…perhaps The Bridge of Bergen County? Feel free to offer your own…

2 thoughts on “From The Wolf Of Wall Street To The Whale Of Weehawken?

  1. The Passion of the Christie.
    A Bridge Coup Star.
    Traffic II.
    Jersey Churl.
    Garden State of Sad Affairs.
    And so on.
    As far as who to play Christie, I suggest Philip Seymour Hoffman. He can do a spot-on mimic of Christie’s political future.
    Too soon?

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