Quote Of The Day: Freedom To Be A Fathead Edition

Today’s dose of malakatude and right wing imbecility comes from David Corn’s twitter feed:

I sometimes wonder if there’s something in the water in the Palmetto State that leads to them saying stupid shit like this. Let’s all praise the freedom to be an ignorant fathead like Senator Scott.

2 thoughts on “Quote Of The Day: Freedom To Be A Fathead Edition

  1. Watch–Senator Scott will be the first and loudest demanding assistance if/when the next big storm hits…and then he’ll complain about how slow the help was in arriving.
    And if the storm hits elsewhere, he’ll complain about having to provide any assistance at all.

  2. I just can’t understand those who think that “they” are telling you what to eat. Yes, there are pictures of Mrs. Obama growing a garden (I thought “Victory Gardens” were highly patriotic.) Yes there is the picture of Mrs. Obama and some school kids in a Subway. But none of providing the tools to eat healthy **MAKES** anyone eat anything.
    OTOH- there are plenty of people with Diabetes who desperately need better information on what is in the foods they eat. Plenty of people with Heart disease who are frustrated by an inability to get a better breakdown of fat content (and even how much or the ratios of certain fats such as omega-3 and omega-6 categories.) And just plain folk who want more information so they can make their personal choices in food.
    Isn’t personal choice and responsibility a conservative mantra? So why do they oppose it so?

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