Bitter Divisiveness Now, Bitter Divisiveness Tomorrow, Bitter Divisiveness Forever

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First, Billmon is right — about the only thing missing from Chris McDaniel's non-concession screed was a schoolhouse door. And at least some are apparently flirting with the idea of turning the Teahadists into the Dixiecrats of the GOP (calling Trent Lott…though I'm guessing while Trent's heart might be with them, his legacy/record is closer to Cochran's bring-home-the-bacon approach).

More seriously, I call bullshit — McDaniel and his Teahad allies can holler as much as they want for "less government," but if they don't cut Defense, or Homeland Security…or step on the third rail and demand cuts to Social Security and Medicare (which would immediately render them as dead as…Dixiecrats) — then they're not really cutting government. But of course cutting government has never really been their point — they just want to cut "those people" out of government, without much regard to the broader cost civil society might bear.

Besides, both instances of actual limited government along the lines of their rhetoric — the original Articles of Confederation and the Southern Confederacy of the 1860s — were utter disasters, the latter augmented by the utterly sick notion that human slavery based on racism was justified. Further, the New Deal, i.e., social insurance, was and remains a necessary element of a modern, developed, first-world nation state.

So get over it, teahadists.

One thought on “Bitter Divisiveness Now, Bitter Divisiveness Tomorrow, Bitter Divisiveness Forever

  1. Growing up in the deep south through the 60s, I don’t agree with but I understand that many a bitterly racist and mean. This guy seems to want to be as mean and bitter as Helms.
    BTW – assume you’ve seen that McDaniel’s ally , Mark Mayfield (who I think of as the Tea Bag south equivalent of Lee Atwater or Karl Rove) is reportedly found dead of suicide. Even for the Jim Crowe south, this is getting weirder and weirder.

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