Dick’s Downfall

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So, it was 20 40 Years Ago Today This Week when Dick, the Tricky One (as opposed to just plain-old- mean-ugly-Dick-father-of-Liz Cheney) finally saw the writing on the wall and opted for, as the video link below notes, humiliation with honor…and retirement benefits.

To mark the occasion, the media's doing what they do best: talk about themselves, with the bonus of grainy archive footage and me-decade fashion…and if they don't have the real stuff, well (no disrespect intended on that one)…so, to add my own recollection, here's to my favorite rendition of Nixon (Philip Baker Hall gets a very, very close second place)…

But, while truly inspired, the photo above unfortunately doesn't come with a transcript — you'll have to imagine Aykroyd's jowly rendering of "The New Dick" — anyway, the lack of a transcript plus the timing makes this video more appropriate (hmmm…for some reason it won't embed…grrr…sorry). And Madeline Kahn is very much missed.

Note: I can't find a full video of the sketch, so sorry for the abrupt ending. And a bit of trivia: according to a Saturday Night Live book/history, it was written by Al Franken and Tom Davis. If I remember right, they overcame a case of writers block…with several tabs of LSD…so, enjoy the drug-inspired entertainment.

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