The Paywall Only Works if Good is Behind It

Otherwise it's like hyperlocal and citizen journalism and every other flailing attempt to be to readers anything other than what newspapers are good at: 

The Dallas Morning News launched its premium website nine months ago, hoping readers would be willing pay $11.96 a month to see fewer ads and more photos. There were “promises of personalization and loyalty programs to come later,” the paper notes.

Later, of course, never arrived. And "more photos" is great if they're, you know, good photos. A slideshow of people's pets does not count. And I rag on the Trib here in town for putting syndicated columnists, widely available all over the Internet, behind its paywall. If I'm reading your paper online, assume I know what the Internet IS, and how to Google things. 

News chief marketing officer Jason Dyer declined to tell the News reporter what the paper invested in the project or how many people subscribed to the premium site. He also apparently gave her the wrong day for the site going dark. (Thursday, not Friday.)

A baked potato, these people could fuck up.