Yes, They Actually Do Go There

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Some time back — and probably influenced by the Bill Hicks line about greeting Jackie Kennedy while wearing a rifle pendant — I described something foolish, stupid, and/or inane to a friend, and (paraphrasing here) said it was as crazy at "the NRA hosting a pro-gun rally in Dealey Plaza."

OK, so it isn't the NRA, but

As they've been doing on each third Saturday for months, advocates for the open carrying of firearms gathered — semiautomatic weapons in tow — at Dealey Plaza over the weekend.

Whenever you think there's a line that even bug-fuck insane won't cross…

2 thoughts on “Yes, They Actually Do Go There

  1. Well, hell, Kennedy was just another commie, anyway, right?
    There’s a method to this madness, though. What they’re doing, I think, is using longstanding hostility to Kennedy in the Dallas area to show that, in some poorly-defined way, Oswald was merely exercising his rights to resist a tyrannical government (even though there’s perishing little evidence to suggest that was Oswald’s intent), which is exactly the excuse offered up by these crackpots for parading around with military weapons.
    They aren’t outright lionizing Oswald, but it is the effect of what they’re doing, and, of course, they’re rewriting history to accomplish their own aim, which is intimidation of citizens and the authorities alike. But, let’s face it–the moment one begins to think of Oswald as in any way a patriot, you’ve gone head-first down the rabbit hole.

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