Vindictive Bully Acts Like A Bully — Imagine

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To add my .000002 cents to Adrastos’ post, whether or not Christie personally knew about this (my guess is some sort of deniability element was baked in); anyway, this ugly, petty, childish, meanspirited, and for some not inconsequential act is perfectly in keeping with Christie himself…which is his appeal to the Republican base.

Lee Atwater’s quote aside, there’s an element of wingnuttery that doesn’t even bother with any sort of private-sector-faster-better-cheaper and instead has always been not much more than hey-you-yeah-you-fuck-you. And that’s the problem. Christie is the symptom, not the cause. And, not that I’m holding my breath, but damn it’d be nice if this really stupid action would spur some to look at this particular faction and see it for what it is.

One thought on “Vindictive Bully Acts Like A Bully — Imagine

  1. Agreed that Christie has a long record of abusing others. But I’d take it further to that being a repub trait. Voters are disenfranchised because they don’t vote repub would be at the top. Working down the tree are any number of dirty tricks and retribution.
    For that matter, they even use it to eat their own. How many repubs were ostracized as RINOs and even had Tea Bag candidates challenge them in elections, because they showed some cooperation with the administration.

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