Meanwhile, On The Other Side Of Pennsylvania Avenue

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Old Scratch Dick slithered about, probably making mirrors tarnish while continuing to grunt, drool…and get the Middle East dead wrong. The very fact there are still people willing to give this pathetic, heartless (that’s deliberate) mother-of-all-scary-creepy-clowns anything besides derisive jeering and a solid pelting with rotten fruit is…sad, and a sign of the moral and intellectual deficit of, well, the Stupid Caucus.

Dick Cheney is the person who got us into this quagfuck, insisting that whacking the hornet’s nest that was/is the Middle East would produce milk and honey, and not a downward spiral harvest of sickening violence. Slapping on a cheap coat of paint, with barely enough glue, paste, chewing gum, and baling wire to hold this lemon of a foreign policy together long enough to hie-tail it out of town should be a Rushmore sized national embarrassment. And probably would have been, if Old Dick hadn’t been a Republican…because, you see, with Rethugs, the rules are…different.

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  1. Thank you for the link to the Wikipedia article on Elisabeth Bumiller. As deserved as the brickbats for Judith Miller are, the weekly obsequious valentines Bumiller penned for the Bush administration were truly revolting.

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