Mitt’s Zombie Idea That Just Won’t Go Away

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I swear, with the wingnuts, this isn’t a bug, but a feature, a central tenet and article of faith. Trying to reason on this point is useless because they’re not relying on rational thought.

And that’s not the only issue on which they’ve left logic in the dust…come to think of it, a distinct lack of reason is pretty much their SOP on everything.

One thought on “Mitt’s Zombie Idea That Just Won’t Go Away

  1. Some are such ideogogues, living in their own little world without an possibility to see that their ideas are wrong. So in some ways I’m not that surprised by zombie ideas. But what I don’t at all understand is why if a horse looses again and again and again…… why would you bet on it the next time ?

    As for zombie ideas, city govts are even worse. I live in a small, rural town which mourns the loss of a shoe factory a couple of decades ago. The factory offered slightly better wages for semi-skilled work such as gluing the soles to the shoes. Of course, economics have shifted to giving much less reason for the small towns.

    So what is the option – the town formed a Development Commission to attract business as if every other similar town isn’t doing the same. The town came up with a nice slogan. But there isn’t the highly skilled labor. We aren’t on a major rail line. etc. So why would a factory locate here ? But the town doesn’t want to do anything to change. It doesn’t seem to understand that the days of the shoe factory and low-skilled labor are long gone (and really had some problems that we don’t mention). And hiring a person to head a development commission is a good thing, but it is the same thing that everyone else is doing.

    Or a city I used to live in 30 years ago was on a semi-large river and about 100 miles upstream from a port. The developers started talking about building an upscale riverwalk with art shops because the port city had done so (and conveniently forgot to mention the crime in that area of the port city and how the high-class art shops didn’t locate there and the area was mostly tourist trinkets). Well, the city built it and the same thing happened there.

    A few years ago I heard that a nearby city (Ottumwa, IA) was going to build a river walk lining the river with fancy art shops…………

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