The World, According To Jim

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And, you know, deep down, it actually makes perfect sense…provided you’re a stark raving, crazed lunatic.

2 thoughts on “The World, According To Jim

  1. montag says:

    Well, he is, after all, the ex-junior Senator from Secession Central. I would expect his version of history to be, um, greatly abridged.

  2. maplestreet says:

    Jim “You Lie” DeMint (?demented?). I used to live in Charleston whose social and political structure is still antebellum.
    Perhaps he forgot that the Civil War (sorry, War of Northern Aggression) had already been going on for quite some time before Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclomation (I’ll leave it to the historians to argue if the proclamation was a psychological move to rally the troops and gain the sentiment of the people. Not to mention that the proclamation was one of the vile, hated signing statements – well at least hated since 200.)

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