He Was There In Spirit

From Album 5

There’s a reason why Thom Tillis sounds a lot like Mitt Romney in asserting that nearly half of us are lazy moochers. It’s because that’s all they’ve got. For a generation or more, the lazy moocher lie wrapped in the tribal myth (“real Americans versus ‘those people'”) is the central tenet/lump-of-coal-heart of the Republican Party. A central tenet that exploits an easily manipulated emotion and, sadly, rather effective motivator, hate.Maybe we could call it base-hate.

And it works for scoring votes…but it’s not so good when you’re trying to govern a civil society.

One thought on “He Was There In Spirit

  1. See and hear comments all the time about the moochers. Yet never hear (in my rural farming community): Did you take a mortgage deduction on your taxes? Then you’re a moocher. Did you take a farm subsidy? Then you’re a moocher. Die you take any crop rotation money? Then you’re a moocher. Did you take a tax deduction for your children? Then you’re a moocher…

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