Have They Focus Grouped “But There ARE Monsters Under Your Bed” Yet?

From Album 5

Tom Cotton might cast himself in the Washington outsider role, but when it comes to recycling the Fox Noise/wingnut puke funnel, he’s as old hand as anyone. Lather, foam-at-the-mouth, rinse, repeat…and watch as it becomes “conventional wisdom.”


No one needs to be told that the world is a dangerous place. Hell, if you want danger, odds are you can find it not that far away, courtesy of policies that generate abject poverty and total desperation right here at home. Courtesy of these same clowns that reject reason and insist their myths of monsters under-the-bed-and-at-the-border must be prioritized, at all costs…while, for example, global warming gets ignored, or pandemic caused or exacerbated by a lack of basic human necessities is swept under the rug with a shrug and a wave of the hand as “God’s will…um, provided it doesn’t happen to us.”

To repeat myself (at least I think I’ve said it here before), I’m more convinced than ever it’s less a matter of left versus right, but basic reasoning versus fear and superstition.

One thought on “Have They Focus Grouped “But There ARE Monsters Under Your Bed” Yet?

  1. “Something under the bed is drooling…”

    Considering the GOP love of Calvinball tactics, Bill Watterson should be demanding royalties for the Calvin & Hobbes LARP the GOP has been running for the past two decades.

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