“We Looked At The Receipt”

From Album 5

Despite some howling from the nuttier regions of wingnuttia, it’s not exactly news that US soldiers came across old ordnance in Iraq that still had traces, or more, of toxic chemicals…some of which were even designed/manufactured right here in the US (or under US license). Weapons so old the late and much missed Bill Hicks (video link) referred to them a full decade before Junior and Dick launched Operation Mesopotamian Clusterfuck.

It IS news that US soldiers were in some cases exposed and injured when faced with the unenviable task of disposing any old shells they came upon, whether buried and forgotten about or recycled into IEDs by Sunni insurgents…but all that “proves” is that Team Bush was even more inept in creating the mess in Iraq that’s continuing to grow. It also pretty much proves how little they actually care about, oh, the soldiers…and the American public.

That said, I am a little surprised they didn’t try to spin a lie at the time, given they’d lie about almost anything, no matter how small…

One thought on ““We Looked At The Receipt”

  1. Funny how all that ordinance appeared now.

    It seems to imply that the war hawks didn’t mind at all when it was only the Iraqi people who were at risk. And there was no pollution from any hazardous substances that we left there.

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