Longing For The Sacred Heart Of…Jeb?

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So, maybe not a groundswell, but at least some on the commentariat are suggesting that the other Bush is, if not Mr. Right, Mr. Right-Enough/If-You-Squint-He-Kind-Of-Looks-Like-A-Daddy-Hero figure…this despite the fact that his self-identified Steely-Eyed-Rocket-Man moment was actually more Operation Stumblebum and his total cave/fold to the wingnuts during the extended obscenity over Terry Schiavo was something they’ll now go to great lengths to ignore if not forget.

But the real tell here is the lengths they’ll go to in ignoring the fact that a significant element of the Republican Party is, well, bugfuck insane — and has been ever since they began feeding at the trough of myths ladled out by Ronaldus Magnus. Oh, and they also ignore the very real fact that the present occupant of the White House IS in fact pretty close if not spot-on with regards to their fondest hopes. Moderate, not particularly partisan, a proponent of an agenda they agree with…well, except for the fact that he’s a Democrat. Which must be a particularly egregious sin in their eyes.

4 thoughts on “Longing For The Sacred Heart Of…Jeb?

  1. Crucify first, then wait a few days and see if he’s still a viable candidate.

  2. Jebby has always been the “one” that the Republicans fall back on as a second choice to the wingnuts because they think he’ll do well with Hispanics since he’s got a Mexican wife. Well, that might be true at the margins, but, geez, he’s got so much baggage that American Tourister buys from him when their inventory runs low. And I don’t just mean Shrubby and Poppy. There are all the old stories about him bribing Nigerian officials to sell irrigation pumps, the many, many stories of him being just a tad too friendly with the Cuban mafia, the hinky real estate deals, his wife and his kids are real pieces of work, not to mention his pretty ham-fisted attempts to pump his administration full of wingnut evangelicals, which, despite the RNC’s delusions, didn’t play well outside of the South.

    And then there’s November, 2000, and Katherine Harris, and the obvious coordination Jebby had with his brother’s campaign. Memories in this country may be short, but they aren’t that short. Worse, behind the boyish cheeks and the smile and the full head of hair lurks a nasty little sonofabitch, just like his brother, only smarter. He won’t need a Cheney to tell him how to do what he wants to do.

  3. The extremists have absolutely no sense of nuance. Therefore they have to have heroes who were always right, worthy of sainthood, etc. (kind of like my guess that they spent too much time watching Westerns where Dillon never shot an innocent person and the person who won a gunfight was always the person in the right).

    Therefore they have to have a distinctly one-sided view of any repub in the past 40 years. And if GHWB was a saint and his son GWB was a saint, then it follows that God goes to Jeb for advice too.

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