Your Newly Hatched Majority Leader

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It sure was rich to watch McConnell complain about Senate dysfunction in his opening act as Majority Leader — sort of like watching a serial arsonist carp about how everything’s going up in flames. And, best as I could tell, the press ate it up to the extent you’d think we were entering a 21st century Era of Good Feelings…well, with IRS and Benghazi hearings, and perhaps the symbolic impeachment or Obamacare repeal vote, because, you know…the rabid base.

That said, I think this post from Ed Kilgore might be worth considering in light of the midterms. Citing Greg Seargent, Kilgore notes that particularly working class, blue collar voters have yet to see much if any material improvements, despite the economy having been pulled back from the brink, and voted accordingly. (It’s also worth noting that on the opposite side of the coin, “Socialist Barack Obama” has been exceedingly generous to particularly the financial elites, and the stock market is at record highs…for this he’s regularly castigated by said elites, while McConnell referred to Dodd-Frank financial regulation “Obamacare for banks.”)

I understand the desire on the part of Obama personally and the Democratic Party generally to be the grown ups in the room, especially given that the wingnuts have some epic mental midgets not just in their midst, but leading their pack…and I also understand how even the slightest sign of frustration or, heaven forbid, anger from the administration would unleash a shitstorm/firehose of hate and fury about the “angry,” um, you know. But insisting the rest of us “eat our peas” while coddling the very forces that conspire against you is hardly a winning formula. Hell, they don’t do that…sure, what they do is offer a shallow/superficial combination of bread and circuses — hatred towards perceived inferiors (liberals and minorities) and mindless consumerism — but that IS something, and it delivers votes. Democrats need to do the same…and, when they do, like with Obamacare (and contraception coverage under Obamacare) the last thing they should do is let the other side scare them into fleeing from it…

One thought on “Your Newly Hatched Majority Leader

  1. Quite telling in the news today is that McConnell has sent word to Obama not to burn himself (I assume veiled threat not to oppose any repub initiatives).

    Also after the Boehner led fiasco of advertising that the repubs were gonna reform immigration followed by inaction, followed by accusing Obama of being a fascists tyrant followed by threats of impeachment, followed by no impeachment, followed by empowering Boehner to get a lawyer to sue Obama for doing nothing, followed by nothing happening on that…..

    Now the repubs are threatening Obama not to do anything about immigration.

    Of course, still carping about Ebola (or is it Eboghazi?) and not closing the borders. And still without a Surgeon General.

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