Welcome To The New Rat Race…Where You’ll Never Win

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That’s right, no matter how fast or far you run, the reward is always out of reach…well, for you. But keep moving, because the productivity gains and added shareholder value sure do make money…for the shareholders.

Maybe that’s what they really meant back when it was all about “the ownership society.” If you’re an owner, it’ll be ok. If not…then tough love and tough luck, slacker.

Now back to work…if you’re lucky enough to actually have a job.

2 thoughts on “Welcome To The New Rat Race…Where You’ll Never Win

  1. A while back, I took the hourly rate I made at my first job after getting out of the army, in 1970 (with few skills and little higher education), and then plugging it into the inflation calculator, just to see how much difference in earning power a lifetime of work, the acquisition of a variety of useful skills and a couple of university degrees had made by comparing it to my hourly rate at my last job. In 1970 dollars, the difference between 1970 and 2008 was fifteen cents an hour. In 2008 dollars, about eighty-seven cents. And that doesn’t account for the many, many months in the interim spent unemployed and able to work, mostly without unemployment comp.

    I used to think it was just me and the fact that I’d gotten degrees in the humanities, but, in fact, I was just living through a trend that the entire country was undergoing–the gradual destruction of earning power. And now, the trend is accelerating.

    It does not bode well for the future.

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