Thank You Kathleen Sebelius, For Trying to Give People Health Insurance

For which she was vilified and has now resigned.

Am I happy the rollout was such a clusterfuck? Of course not. But a busted web site? Killed exactly NOBODY.

Unlike these fellows.


None of whom resigned in disgrace.


6 thoughts on “Thank You Kathleen Sebelius, For Trying to Give People Health Insurance

  1. Elspeth Ravenwind says:

    Exactly…effers. Why in the hell did she resign? Better money elsewhere? I’d have stayed JUST to piss off the rethugs.

  2. adrastos says:

    It’s bound to be burn out after years of being a lightning rod.

  3. grrljock says:

    Yes. I think it’s to her and Obama Administration’s credit that she stayed on until after the close of enrollment. Thank you, Secretary Sebelius.

  4. mellowjohn says:

    while i hold all three being beneath contempt, rummy did serve three years in the navy in the 50s. he’s still a schmuck, tho.

  5. maplestreet says:

    Between ACA and the portion for Medicaid expansion, around 10 million people. There is significant question if the negative scorn focused on the ACA by the right wing didn’t keep the numbers from being higher. Seems obvious that states refusing Medicaid expansion definitely suppressed the numbers.
    Meanwhile here in rural MO (a state that fought tooth and nail against the ACA and refused expansion), there are nearby hospitals that have closed and others saying they will soon have to close as they can’t financially make it in an area with so many uninsured.

  6. maplestreet says:

    Oh, and I also have to wonder if part of the web page roll-out as well as problems with enough trained healthcare navigators couldn’t be related to the constant fighting against and delay in implementing the ACA. Not to mention having to implement the system under roadblocks enacted by the legislators.

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