So, What Motivates Their Rage?

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I’m sure we’ll be hearing things like that over the next few news cycles — and more — as the winger crowd uses tragedy to push their own agenda…an agenda that doesn’t exactly ratchet things down, but instead pretty much guarantees further acts of violence and more suffering.

Even more ironic to me is that this is occurring in light of winger cheerleading of quite a number of recent incidents of what amount to sanctioned, or at the very least, condoned violence right here. And then there are the cases of non-sanctioned violence…personally, I don’t know what if anything will solve or fix the issue of people who, for whatever reason, let loose their murderous, furious rage. But I do know that the right-wing “solution” of perpetual war and condescending racial and/or ethnic and/or religious discrimination won’t do anything except perpetuate the cycle…

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