Album Cover Art Wednesday: Smithereens 11

People from Jersey like to stick together. I guess that’s why the Smithereens named their third album 11 in honor of the Sinatra/Rat Pack 1960 caper dramedy Ocean’s 11, which, in turn, inspired a remake by George Clooney and krewe in 2001. All of these efforts were commercially successful but Reens 1989 album was the most artistically noteworthy. It contains a slew of songs they still perform including the set closing rocker A Girl Like You. Here’s what lead singer/primary songwriter Pat Dinizio had to say about the album’s title:

”We were really into the Rat Pack thing. People thought it was our 11th album or that there were 11 songs on the album. We purposely try to confuse people.”

The cover evokes the Rat Pack with its image of the strolling band and the little chase thing at the bottom, which is taken from the Ocean’s 11 poster you’ll see after the break. One reason for that is that the great Saul Bass designed both the Reens album cover *and* the movie poster.


The album cover shows the little dudes running towards the building whereas the movie poster shows them fleeing. Quite sensible since they robbed the joint:

1960 Oceans 11

When Steven Soderburgh remade the Sinatra flick the promotional poster below evoked the Smithereens album. There’s a whole lotta evoking going on; goodness, gracious great balls of fire.Of course, George and Brad are much better looking than the Reens whose success was *not* based on their looks. Note that the cute one, Mike Mesaros, was the Greek dude.


Finally, here are the four videos that were made to promote the album. The final one features Pat Dinizio singing a duet with Belinda Carlisle of the Go Gos.