A Tale Of Two Romneys

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On the one hand, tongue baths don’t get much wetter than the one given by “an anonymous advisor” to the Boston Globe. Hell, your standard boilerplate tributes to Ronaldus Magnus have nothing on claims that a Willard administration would magically mean no ISIS, no Ebola scare, a docile Vlad Putin…and what the hell, no herpes or heartbreak of psoriasis to boot. In other words, if not Camelot, then surely days of miracle and wonder (minus the bomb in the baby carriage, of course…I’d been thinking Donald Fagan’s train of graphite and glitter, but we know how wingnuts feel about transit and marriage equality)…

But…taking the opposite point of view, former Romney tout Jennifer Rubin now insists a third bite of the stormin’ Mormon apple would be like bringing this guy home to meet the parents…

From Album 5

OK, maybe not Dueling Mitts…but certainly sad trombone.

3 thoughts on “A Tale Of Two Romneys

  1. Everyone in and around the Beltway wrote off Reagan when he lost the nomination in 1976. He’d tried for his own benefit (as did Nelson Rockefeller) to engineer a brokered convention in 1968, so 1980 was his third whack at the pinata. So, I wouldn’t count him out after eight years of Obama ennui. What Reagan did well, and Rmoney does not, however, is ooze sincerity. Reagan was a liar, a prevaricator and a teller of very tall tales, but he believed every word, or seemed to. Rmoney just seems like the shifty owner of a shifty business, which is exactly what he is. One gets the feeling he’s more Robert Vesco than Ronald Reagan.

    Which is why, after all the whining he did in 2012 about the “moochers,” no one is going to believe that he’s in any way sincere about “tackling poverty.” Even if he is, his solutions will be more of the same trickling-on that Republican businessmen have been proposing for a hundred years. There’s no question that anything he comes up with will ultimately mean shoveling more tax dollars into the hands of the already wealthy, no matter what he calls his programs.

    Nevertheless, the more he campaigns, provided, of course, that he isn’t a complete moron, he will get better at avoiding saying stupid things, will approximate some degree of human verisimilitude when saying the right platitudes, will appear in the right places and garner the support of more big donors, and, perhaps, wear down resistance to the idea of him as President in the non-insane portion of the electorate.

    Still, it will be fun to watch the sniping between him and Jebby, but, it’s a sad commentary on the Republican Party that they keep running–ever since Nixon–candidates that should have been indicted, not elected.

  2. “Someday, lad, all this will be yours”

    “Whut, the curtains?”

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