Friday Catblogging: Worshipping The Flame

We have a very large front room, which makes our house great for parties. It’s also, however, hard to heat when it gets below 45 degrees, so our central heater needs to be supplemented. Our old space heater died this week and we replaced it with one that glows. Oscar and Della’s new motto is: the space heater is dead, long live the new space heater.

IMG_3330photo (5)

Talk about Cat television. Once again I have an earworm and it’s a good one:

2 thoughts on “Friday Catblogging: Worshipping The Flame

  1. Since The Building From Hell was built next door to us, our direct sunlight is severely curtailed, and there are a couple of months in the dead of winter where we get light, but no direct sun at all.

    Mrs. Gummo bought a full-spectrum day light for her plants and also incidentally for us humans. But we’ve found that when it’s on, the cats like to bask in the light as well!

    They ain’t dumb.

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