And Then, The Unfriending…

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Well, a little schadenfreude can be fun, and that’s at least one feeling I get from watching former fanboyz like Matt Lewis realize the error if not horror of their, um, infatuation…though to me it’s less rats deserting the sinking ship and more rats realizing that Our Lady of the Tundra couldn’t command a rubber duck in a bathtub, much less the reigning superpower.

Christ, could you imagine Palin “representing” the United States at some major international event? Hell, I’d DEMAND she chew gum, just to keep from actually speaking.

Well, anyway, not that it was ever going to happen — except that it could have in 2008 but thank heavens it didn’t — Palin is now officially a B if not C or D lister…sure, she’ll always have Hannity, and perhaps some desperate cable network looking for a reality show host…but even the mainline wingers have essentially “dissolved the political bands”…ok, less that than asked, “Hey, what stinks?”

3 thoughts on “And Then, The Unfriending…

  1. “I’d DEMAND she chew gum”

    BUBBLE gum, just for the appropriate level of gravitas

    1. Sarah’s gum, snap! Sarah’s fingers, snap! Sarah’s voice, “Snap!”

      And that was the entirety of her message, the end.

  2. Hell, I can beat that.
    One of the Freeperati blamed the Idiotarod winner’s recent word coleslaw mockery issues on………wait for it……..

    RICH (starbursts) LOWRY.

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