England, Where Wingnuts Go To Fail

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This week Scott Walker lays an egg across the pond, imagery intentional…if he’s going to “punt” when asked about evolution, then I won’t consider him particularly evolved.

Yes, I was vaguely aware that Walker didn’t get a degree (full disclosure — it took me a decade and a half to obtain a BA…from UW Madison, in fact), but he attended Marquette University, where presumably there’s some sort of breadth requirement. No, intro courses won’t make you an expert, but they will provide some basic instruction about basic facts that underpin the broader, advanced society. You know, a liberal arts education…and yeah, I’m guessing the descriptive itself is now sufficient to make them gag…and slash education funding to the bone.

Watching Walker and others (most of whom have both undergraduate and advanced degrees) pander — or punt — to puerile ignorance is, well, vile. In a normal world, that kind of pandering should be an instant-red-light-buzzer-thanks-for-playing-enjoy-your-parting-gift-moment. And I sure do wish it was…a normal world.

One thought on “England, Where Wingnuts Go To Fail

  1. Liberals don’t believe these lies.
    Conservatives don’t care if they are true
    It’s not just one america.

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