The GOP’s Candidates Aren’t Good Enough for the GOP

They all suck, apparently, because they all want to turn America into Amnesterica or some shit: 

Of course, most GOP contenders who support an ultimate pathway to citizenship, or at least a process of normalization, condition their support on things like further securing America’s Southern border and making illegal immigrants pay a financial penalty. But nearly all support the general principle: most of the 11 million illegal immigrants who violated America’s laws in making their way into the country should be allowed to stay and work in the country so long as they haven’t committed any further crimes.

Well, who else you gonna vote for, chump?

Cruz is INELIGIBLE and Carson and Santorum are both pro-Amnesty or pro-legalization…Carson is for gun control. The only hope we have is for Senator Sessions to run. He’s the only one who can win.

Ah. Sorted.


3 thoughts on “The GOP’s Candidates Aren’t Good Enough for the GOP

  1. Cruz ineligible? That would be because of he still hasn’t refudiated his Canuko-Cuban citizenship, I guess.

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