Just What We Need…Another Banana Republican

From Album 5

So, Jeb’s insisting he’s “his own man” (while looking — a bit spookily — like chinless Mitch McConnell, IMHO); anyway, for obvious reasons he wants to establish a bit of distance between especially Junior, who pretty much shat on the family/brand name…but…if you look at the details and the lineup, it’s the same gang of crooks and charlatans who crashed and burned the first time — a stale rehash. One last chance to get the band together, the Let’s-See-If-We-Can-Perpetually-Clusterfuck-It-While-Profiteering-On-Death-And-Misery Tour (featuring Paul Wolfowitz on comb…that link isn’t NSFW, but it IS gross).

Anyway…oh, and you’ve gotta love the “mistakes were made” passive voice crap. Reminds me of something a friend from Central America told me about the pipsqueak pashas running the juntas and deathsquads. They’d show up on television in full regalia, and explain that, sure, “mistakes were made, but…in a war, people die…”

No shit. Just not the people insisting we go to war…

2 thoughts on “Just What We Need…Another Banana Republican

  1. He does resemble his mother more than Poppy. And it was none other than an expert on the subject of hate, Richard Nixon, who said of Babs, “that woman really knows how to hate.”

    Jebby grew up picked on by his older brother, so, I imagine he’s got his share of resentments percolating under the surface, especially since his parents had decided that he should be the first son to follow Poppy’s footsteps to the Presidency and then big brother stole that from him, too.

    But, Poppy is a war lover, Little Boots was, as well. Between them, they manufactured four wars. And Jebby, as a signatory of the PNAC declaration, is yet another war-lovin’ Bush. He’s also a fuckin’ crackpot, as anyone who followed the Terry Schiavo debacle knows. It’s kind of hilarious that he’s now being touted as a “moderate” alternative to the rest of the passengers in the Republican clown car, after he pandered to the religious far right in Florida, helped his brother steal an election in 2000, and has generally done everything possible to bury his connections to the Cuban mafia and many and sundry assorted Florida whackaloons.

    The unofficial Bush family motto is: “Public service for private gain.” And Jebby’s that, in spades. The Bushes have been fucking things up for several decades (Poppy’s gotten a pass only because his eldest son turned out to be a horrible President and an even worse human being and he looks better by comparison), and I fully expect Jebby, if he wins, to continue that tradition.

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