Freaks And Geeks…um…Just Freaks

From Album 5

So the annual spittle-flecked rave (rage?) for the aggressively ignorant begins today…not exactly Three Days of Peace and Music…more like Three Days of Red Meat, Bloody Shirt Waving, and Howling about Victimization…while wingnut welfare expense accounts pick up the tab. Funny how that works.

Anyway, I’m expecting that even Ghouliani’s desperate-cry-for-attention/performance will be outdone before it’s all over, because, like junkies, the rage addicts need ever stronger doses. But…might as well get a laugh watching it all. For victims, they sure do seem…awfully comfortable.

2 thoughts on “Freaks And Geeks…um…Just Freaks

  1. Thanks…would have liked a bit more time to REALLY work on some (i.e., merge them with the original images), but have been surprisingly busy at work and at home…and then there’s the cat, who expects a fair bit of quality time…but…

    Also would have liked it if all would’ve blended into the background like Newt. I spent a good bit of time trying with the others, but could never quite get it.

    But all that said, I guess the important point is…damn, they’re…freaks. Plain and simple.

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